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Dear Reader

Dear Reader

It has been a while since my last post – a time filled with some health problems, some work projects, and a difficult 80-mile move of residence from one city to another.

Carmela and I are now proud residents of Huntington Beach, California. During this period, I have thought about what to do with this website – whether to shut it down entirely, or refocus it in a slightly new direction. Next month, I turn 82 years old. Some of the things that used to be important to me are not as important as they once were. But many things are more important than ever.

If you go on Facebook or Twitter or watch any of the mainstream news media – from Fox News to MSNBC –  the picture you get is wildly distorted. When I talk to real people, my impression is that despite our political or social differences, most of us want the same stuff: To carry on our lives, to love one another, and to live in a secure and safe environment.

So, we need to talk.

– George Lee Cunningham

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