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  • February 11, 2018


    A place to share some words of beauty, inspiration, and fun. This week we have music by singer-songwriter Tish Hinojosa, who has been around a couple of decades, but whom I had never heard of because I was working too damn hard. I actually met Ms. Hinojosa last week up in Joshua Tree where she was doing a concert at the Beatnik Lounge. She is a middle-aged lady now with grown children, but she retains her same lovely voice and artistic vision. You can check her out and buy some of her CDs at her website at http://www.mundotish.com/  Click on the name of the piece to get a video.

    ‘Cause there’s something in the rain
    But there’s more here in our hands
    ‘Buelita’s right about the sins of man
    Who’s profits rape the land

    And the rains are pouring down
    From the growers to the towns
    And until we break the killing chains
    There’s something in the rain

    – Something in the Rain Singer and Writer Tish Hinojosa

    It’s the way of life in the real West
    ‘Neath the Prairie moon that’s Heaven blessed
    And a tall boot shuffle on a wooden floor
    It’s a clean white shirt on a Saturday night
    And a long cold beer that’s pure delight
    And if you heard me say it, there’s a whole lot more

    – In the Real West Singer and Writer: Tish Hinojosa

    One more year rolls down the Rio Grande
    Our forefathers crossed the muddy line
    Pilgrims passing leaving tracks in time
    One more takes a stand by the water by the land

    Shifting like the sand by the Rio Grande
    An unbroken chain snow and tears and rain
    Cutting through my soul and to my veins
    Then the water’s rise paint the Rocky Mountain skies

    – By the Rio Grande Singer and Writer: Tish Hinojosa

    (English translation)

    Tell me that you love me

    Like that night
    With those kisses at that certain place
    Paint me mountain and desert
    Starry skies on the horizon

    Tell me that night; Tell me with love

    – Aquella Noche Singer and Writer: Tish Hinojosa