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  • June 14, 2018


    A place to share some words of beauty, inspiration, and life. Today’s lyrics pay homage to author Jack Kerouac, whose book On the Road introduced America to the Beat Generation. The book talks of road trips across America, freedom, jazz, women and drugs.  The writings of Kerouac inspired a new generation of writers and musicians. Click on the name of the piece to get a video or more information.

    I speculate and browse the Duraflame
    Winter in the west coast cool
    Out by the sea where no one knows my name
    I’m on the road like Jack, Jack Kerouac
    Like Jack, Jack Kerouac
    Like Jack, Jack Kerouac
    Like Jack, Jack Kerouac

    – Jack Kerouac Singer and writer: Brooke Fraser

    Jack Kerouac took old Highway 6
    Traveled across the great divide
    Wrote books and poems as he rambled
    Confessions that he couldn’t hide
    Desolation angels dancing on the road
    Like a subterranean jazz club that never had to close
    Vanity and visions in a blues haiku
    Left me howling the bohemian cowboy blues

    Inspired a whole beat generation
    To put their thumbs out in the wind
    Took that long long road less traveled
    Again and again

    – Bohemian Cowboy Blues Singer and writer Jimmy Lavave

    Hey Jack, now for the tricky part
    When you are the brightest star who were the shadows
    Of he San Fancisco beat boys who were the favorite
    Nows they sit and rattle their bones and think of their blood stoned days
    You chose your words from mouths of babies got lost in the wood
    The hip flask slinging madman, steaming cafe flirts,
    Nights in Chinatown howling at night

    Allen baby, why so jaded
    Have the boys all grown up and their beauty faded
    Billy, what a saint they made you
    Just like Mary down in Mexico on All Souls’ Day

    – Hey Jack Kerouac Singer:Natalie Merchant; Group: 10,000 Maniacs; Writers: Robert Buck & Natalie Merchant