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  • May 16, 2017


    A place to share some words of beauty, inspiration, and fun. As Mickey and Sylvia used to say, “love is strange.” Today we’re talking about love gone wrong and how quickly love between men and women can turn deadly. Today we feature Marty Robbins singing about a victim of love waiting to be hanged. Then we have Willie Nelson singing about the red-headed stranger taking his revenge on the little darling that left him and the man with whom she ran off. And lastly we have the Dixie Chicks singing Goodbye Earl to the man who beat his wife. Click on the name of the piece to get a video or more information. You have some favorite lyrics? Please share…

    I took my pistol from my hip and with a trembling hand
    I took the life of pretty Flo and that good for nothin’ man
    That good for nothin’ man
    I think about the thing I’ve done, I know it wasn’t right
    They’ll bury Flo tomorrow, but they’re hanging me tonight
    They’re hanging me tonight

    They’re Hanging Me Tonight Singer: Marty Robbins;  Writers: Jimmy Low and Art Woltert

    But he found them that evening
    In a tavern in town
    In a quiet little out of the way place
    And they smiled at each other
    When he walked through the door
    And they died with their smiles on their faces
    They died with a smile on their face

     – Medley: Blue Rock Montana / Red Headed Stranger Singer: Willie Nelson

    Right away Mary Ann flew in from Atlanta
    On a red eye midnight flight
    She held Wanda’s hand and they worked out a plan
    And it didn’t take them long to decide
    That Earl had to die
    Goodbye, Earl
    Those black-eyed peas, They tasted alright to me, Earl
    You feelin’ weak? Why don’t you lay down and sleep
    Earl, ain’t it dark
    Wrapped up in that tarp, Earl

    – Goodbye Earl Singers: Dixie Chicks; Writer: Dennis Linde