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A place to share some words of beauty, inspiration, and fun. This week we have sad songs about love gone bad – told from the male perspective. These are the kind of songs you listen to again and again in a smoky, old, neon-lit tavern as you quietly get drunk off your butt and go home alone. Click on the name of the piece to get a video or more information.

Why must you always seem to criticize me?
I seems like everything I do just turns out wrong
Why don’t you come on out and despise me
So I could pack my bag and baby I’d be gone?

Remember when you used to call me honey
Well, I’d turn around and call you honey too
You might think it’s a joke, but it ain’t funny
To hurt someone who’s so in love with you

The Other Side of Town Singer and Writer John Prine

I won’t be around
To hear you cry
I’m Texas bound
And by and by

You can reach me down in Dallas
A general delivery
So if you want your freedom P.D.Q.
Divorce me C.O.D.

Divorce Me COD Singer Merle Travis, Writers Cliff Stone, Merle Travis

Yes, the woman is a devil
She will trick you if she can
Yes, the woman is a devil
She will trick you if she can
She will tell you that she loves you
An work out some other plan
Got those alimony blues

Alimony Blues Singer T-Bone Walker; Writer Freddie Simon