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  • July 10, 2017


    A place to share some words of beauty, inspiration, and fun. This week we have songs about aging men refusing to give into the passing of time and the loss of their vitality. Click on the name of the piece to get a video or more information.

    I said girls,
    I ain’t as good as I once was,
    I got a few years on me now,
    But there was a time,
    Back in my prime,
    When I could really lay it down,
    If you need some love tonight,
    Then I might have just enough,
    I ain’t as good as I once was,
    But I’m as good once, as I ever was.

    As Good As I Once Was Singer: Toby Keith Writers: Scott Emerick and Toby Keith

    Well those drifter’s days are past me now
    I’ve got so much more to think about
    Deadlines and commitments
    What to leave in, what to leave out

    Against the wind
    I’m still runnin’ against the wind
    I’m older now but still runnin’ against the wind
    Well I’m older now and still runnin’
    Against the wind

     – Against the Wind Singer and Writer: Bob Seeger

    Don’t take me wrong I just want to have fun
    Have someone along to help spend my mon
    ‘Cause you don’t live but once so please understand
    That I’m an old, old man trying to live while I can

    I got money to spend, a new car to drive
    And I won’t give in, we’ll have fun, man alive
    And we’ll honky-tonk all the night long
    I’m just an old man that don’t want to go home

    I’m an Old Old Man (Trying to Live While I Can)  Singer and Writer: Lefty Frizzell