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Nothing is Forever

Something is seriously amiss at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The machines that do the heavy lifting seem to be in full revolt, and the people who depend on those machines to get the job done are dying.

Nothing is Forever is a mystery and action novel set in Long Beach, California. The protagonists are the mysterious, but influential couple Susan and David Bennett, whose home and office take up the entire top floor of an 18-story beachfront high-rise.

Their main operative is Leroy J. Brown, an associate from the old days, who is both ruthless and loyal. The two men don’t like one another, but that’s OK with Susan Bennett, who thinks a little bit of tension between the men in her life can be a good thing.

The other main character is the city of Long Beach itself, a place with an attitude every bit as audacious as Los Angeles, its big sister to the north.

Nothing is Forever is due out in 2016.